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post first session, going back at 3  
02:07pm 26/01/2012
Part beatnik, part hippie -- all Portland.
god i feel so much better
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Happy 2012  
04:18pm 01/01/2012
Part beatnik, part hippie -- all Portland.
So after several cups of water, some nachos, and roughly 14 hours of sleep, I have recovered from last night's indulgences. Those indulgences included champagne, shots of Grand Marnier and orange juice, and a few hits of indeterminate size off of Lysistrata with mom and Chou. As of right now, I am eating chocolate coins and tumbling, somewhat astounded that I got up at 2:00 in the afternoon and considering the notion that I need to start watching BBC's Sherlock. Life is excellent.

Last night, I played drunken speed chess with the madre, dress-up with Chou, and pinball with the walls. We broke out the old barbie dolls, and watched a lot of really bad TV. Wild Women of the Wongo, Batman (ala 1970s, complete with intermittent ZONKs and WHACKOs during fight scenes), Nazi Surfers Must Die, and Robot Chicken. There were sparklers and party dresses and nachos, cat harassment, drunken video recordings, and the quote of the night: "Did he just piss out his ear?"

Now, I have a bit of a headache, possibly from all the tumbling and football

okay now i'm going running with Chou brb
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Paleolands. Memory dump. I'm tired.  
08:43pm 27/06/2010
Part beatnik, part hippie -- all Portland.
Just got back from Paleolands trip. Bunked with Danielle and Kat. Dan (or whatever the Chinese girl's name is, I can't quite tell what it is) reminds me of Wing. I got bit/stabbed by a horsefly/cactus/I dunno what, brought back a ton of fossils (from two different sites, one 40 million years old [the darker fossils], the other 33 million [the white ones]). Vegetarianism was difficult, but not impossible. Micah brought his mandolin, and Kat teased him, but so accurately that people noticed (including Micah. I don't know how badly he took it). Played soccer with Kat and the other guys, including Micah, Aaron (or whatever his name is, the one with a powerful Mexican accent), the Peruvian girl, etc. Made a fool of myself. Showers were a 1/3 of a mile away, so I skipped them. Ruined my pale orange socks at the second site when we encountered a field of stickyseed plants, the kind that eff up your socks. Worked with the Paleo group, fossilized bananas, which we didn't find. The flowers were pretty cool, though. Fossilized leaves and sticks were sitting all over the place at the first one. The second one was more sparse, and had giant bees, cacti, sock-ruiners, and a longer hike. Ben (our guide person) had a big white mustache and was really nice. We presented to the group about the climate change between 40 and 33 million years ago, the old cascades and warm costal winds, etc. It was hot and buggy. I walked barefoot through Mitchell with the expedition of people who went. Kat and I picked big red poppy-looking things and pressed them. The school at Mitchell housed K-12 and put two grades into each classroom. The field we slept in was dry and prickly. The playground was awesome, except for the spiders at one end which kept me from gymnast-ing my way across the entire thing. Dae-dae rode with us in the car back. Misha the dog was super fluffy and very patient, if not the friendliest pooch ever. The radio both ways was pretty terrible. Kat rode with us over, but took another car on the way back. We ate in the tiny cafeteria and did presentations in the classrooms. Technical difficulties abound.

Fuck I miss somebody.
location: Home again.
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(no subject)  
10:31pm 29/12/2009
Part beatnik, part hippie -- all Portland.
Wow. I haven't touched this journal in how long? Christ.

Uh. I'm not even gonna try to update y'all on all the news -- check my sister's journal for the big events that have happened in the past few months. I'll try and revamp this thing, but I make no guarantees.

Sleepy. Have been having weird dreams lately. River otters are cuuuuuuuuute.

Well, that is all.
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Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch  
09:15pm 24/09/2009
Part beatnik, part hippie -- all Portland.
Depressed lately. I chalk it up to being still-kinda-sick and really worn out. Like I can even talk, I know everyone else has their shit that is worse than mine by miles and miles, but y'all know how much I love complaining about my life. It's pretty much how I communicate with people nowadays.

Eh. I need to go to bed.

/pointless entry.
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Three short poems.  
11:16pm 04/09/2009
Part beatnik, part hippie -- all Portland.
(The reasons I feel pretty), (This is getting old), and (Again). In that order.Collapse )
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music: Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik, Hetalia Ragtime.
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This entry is an inadequate summary of the last four weeks of my life.  
11:13pm 01/09/2009
Part beatnik, part hippie -- all Portland.
Dear Emma:

Please learn to be more assertive with stalkers/creepers/pedophiles. It's okay to be mean to them.

No love,

In other news, I have not updated in a long time. I still love y'all, I'm just busy lazy. So, uh. Yeah. Got my hair recut, as most of you know. It's really cute. And short. :D I like it.

Also, ummm...? I got nothin'. Don't wait for further updates, I'm trying to maintain an image of 'doing stuff for the last week of summer and not going on dates with Nick'. So, uh. Yeah.

I feel like I'm turning into my sister, which is actually pretty awesome, considering what a badass she's being about the hornet attack. Did you know she has five stings and a very badly sprained (twisted? Broken? She says it's very painful, which is kind of the equivalent of her wailing in pain, which she never does) ankle? She's on crutches, can't really move her swollen thumb, and still refuses to let me get her food/painkillers, etc. What a fucking badass, amirite?

Yes. That is all.
location: Here. :D Sup.
music: Shiny things. I.e. my cat.
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Writer's Block: Proven by Science  
11:52am 12/08/2009
Part beatnik, part hippie -- all Portland.
Do you believe everything has a scientific explanation?

Not necessarily a scientific one, but a rational one.

Also, status update: got up at eleven to eat peaches and chocolate cake for breakfast. =u= why is my life so magical.
location: Here. :D Sup.
music: Hercules!
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More meme responses. Here goes.  
09:26pm 09/08/2009
Part beatnik, part hippie -- all Portland.
I'm skipping Taichou's words, because they're super deep and I'm not done writing on them yet, but I feel like I should post pointlessly, so here's me pretending to have a point. :P don't judge.

Photography, money, monogamy, religion, eclipses.Collapse )

That's all for tonight. Hey Charles, what do you want for your birthday?
music: Something Bright Eyes
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(no subject)  
10:08pm 06/08/2009
Part beatnik, part hippie -- all Portland.
A three part response to this meme: Give me five topics to discuss and I'll discuss them here, in order. They can be any topics you like! I'll discuss anything.

Part one: Keira's topics (she was first to comment, after all).Collapse )
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